Parkbench Interview with Dr. DePasquale

Meet Dr. Kalpana S. DePasquale, DO at Avanti Medical Spa

Are you looking to combat the aging process of Mother Nature? If so, then you are at the right place. Avanti Medical Spa can help you reverse the hands of time and enhance your natural beauty. To revitalize your appearance, we offer the following cosmetic procedures:
Facials & Peels
Dermal Fillers
Visia Skin Analysis
Facial Waxing
To learn more about our spa services, contact us at 904.461.6797, or better yet come see us:
In St. Augustine, Monday thru Friday between 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (NOTE: Office is closed for lunch from 12 PM – 1:15 PM). Avanti Medical Spa St. Augustine is located on Anastasia Island, 1.5 miles east of Flagler Hospital at 1301 Plantation Island Dr, Suite 401A, St. Augustine, FL.

What do you love most about the neighborhood?

There are so many different people constantly moving into this area so I feel like we’re in a small, big town. I meet people from Europe, people who are on vacation who come to me with a specific problem sometimes, or people who’ve recently moved from the North or West Coast. I just love the melting pot of all kinds of people from diverse backgrounds–I think that’s my favorite thing!

The Entrepreneurial Life Chose Me

I was trained  to be an Ear, Nose, and Throat physician, but the life of an entrepreneur chose me.
My employee mindset changed as a result of an interview during residency. The interview was with a private practice physician, who I had known during my training. He had first-hand knowledge of my assets as a physician: surgical skill, sound judgment, physician-patient rapport and superb communication skills. Despite my positive attributes, his job offer for my annual salary was significantly less than the price of the Porsche 911 he was driving and much less than the MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) standard for physician compensation. MGMA is the resource leader for healthcare salary compensation.
This experience left me baffled and humiliated but I realized something very important… I didn’t have the employee mindset that most physicians do.  I wanted the freedom  to create and design my own practice and there was no reason I couldn’t do that. I thrived on risk to experience a greater reward. I despise rules, structure and predictability. I wanted to change the world, not just have a job. Failures in my mind were setbacks and an opportunity to learn. Despite all the challenges I have faced over the years, starting my own practice was the best decision of my life. I was able to build a team and office culture of stellar employees.  I was able to tailor my practice to the aspects of ENT that I enjoyed most – minimally invasive procedures to treat chronic sinusitis and improve nasal obstruction. My patients are so thankful to be offered minimally invasive solutions to avoid the downtime, healing, and expense of more aggressive surgical alternatives.
Once my ENT practice was successful, my next venture was adding a Medical Spa to my practice. So many patients would not consider cosmetic rejuvenation procedures because of artificial and unnatural looking results. My goal was to achieve a well- rested youthful appearance without the obvious tell-tale signs that a procedure was performed. This difference in approach allowed me to attract patients that were looking for intervention that appeared natural, not artificial.
Things were going so well for me until I was diagnosed and treated for Thyroid cancer at the age of 34.  I had surgery to remove my entire thyroid gland and I had radioactive iodine treatment. Because the exact cause of thyroid cancer is unknown, I suspected that my diet and choice of personal care products I used could be a contributing factor.  I decided to detox my life by eating better quality food and avoiding pesticides. I reviewed my personal care products that I was using; like shampoos, lotions, deodorants; and eliminated chemicals as much as possible.
I reviewed the ingredients in the skin care products I was recommending to my Medical Spa clients and I was appalled that some products didn’t clearly list their ingredients and all of them contained chemicals that I didn’t approve of.  I was appalled when I found out that there is no federal regulation of ingredients to protect the consumer from dangerous chemicals.
From my frustration with the cosmetic industry, my next entrepreneurial venture was born.
I set out to create a skincare line that addressed common anti-aging issues such as dark spots, loss of elasticity, blemishes and more. The ingredients would be plant and mineral based, contain no harsh ingredients or chemical preservatives. The ingredients needed to work synergistically to provide superior results. KalVera Skincare was created to provide consumers with healthy skin care and to support my mission to educate consumers about hazardous ingredients found in personal care products and empower them to make safer choices.
My journey as an Entrepreneur has been euphoric but it is not the lifestyle for everyone. Entrepreneurship is often a lonely, risky, anxiety-provoking and ever humbling expedition. It can also be addictive. Although KalVera Skincare is my most recent creation, I doubt it will be my last entrepreneurial endeavor.
-Dr. D

Skin Health – Can Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Help?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dr. D joined WJXT to discuss Skin Health and how good vitamin and mineral supplements can really make a huge impact on your overall skin health.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=””][/vc_column][/vc_row]

What It's Really Like to be a Physician

Looking in the glass house, a physician’s life may look like a perfect picture.  A nice house, nice family and a successful career.  
What few people know is that this glass house can be easily shattered.  Helping people feel better may be alluring as a career, but few people understand the challenges a physician faces.  
Some scary stats
Many of us share the same strengths –  intelligence, perseverance, and confidence.  However, the top stressors of the job include lack of sleep, loneliness, 24-hour responsibilities and self- criticism which can lead to depression and even suicide.  
In fact, physicians are more than twice as likely to commit suicide than the general population.  Here are some other scary stats…

  • Depression is reported in as many as 30 percent of physicians
  • Forty percent of suicides are associated with alcoholism, and 20 percent of suicides are associated with drug abuse
  • Divorce rates are 20 percent higher than those in the general population  

Getting to the root of the problem
How can physicians properly take care of others if they can’t even take care of themselves? Giving into the pressures of working longer hours, the demands of the patients, and regulatory demands from the government can lead to angry and despondent physicians.  
The “normal” work week for a physician is 60 hours a week and a 40 hour week is considered part time.  This leaves little time for physicians to develop proper interpersonal relationships, fitness regimens, and taking time for hobbies.  
I hear patients complain about physicians that barely took the time to address their complaints or were short tempered.  As the demands on physicians continue to escalate in conjunction with decreased pay,  this temperament is bound to increase.  
The solution is not an easy one, but it has to start with the emotional foundation.  Physicians need to be mindful of their emotional and physical health.  They need to develop a strong family foundation for support and take care of their bodies.  Only then can the house of glass be transformed into a house of bricks to handle the stressors of this career choice.

Time Hacks For People Who Are Busy Getting Nothing Done

Time is the universal equalizer. We are all given 24 hours in one day and how we use it is what differentiates us. We all know people who are “super busy” and complain that they can’t get anything done. On the other hand, we know people who are so efficient that they get it all done.
The difference between these two types of people lies in how they utilize or waste their time.
The next time you find yourself wondering why you are so busy, but have nothing to show for it, ask yourself these three questions:
Are you doing things for those who are capable themselves?
For example, if you are doing laundry, making lunch, and serving as an alarm clock for your teenage children, this is a waste of time. Your children need to learn to be more independent. They should also know how to manage their tasks and homework. Almost every parent I know wastes approximately 20 hours each week on these items.
Do you waste too much time on social media?
Social media is a black hole for time and rarely is there anything worthwhile that deserves the time you put into it. Consider minimizing the social media you subscribe to and/or reducing the people you “friend” or follow.
How much television do you watch a week?
The average American watches five hours of television daily including football games, weekly shows, and movies. Pretend your television is broken and see how much you can accomplish.
Not sure where you’re losing time every day? Try keeping a log for the next week. Record how much time it takes you to get ready, how much time you spend on Facebook or watching television, how long you spend doing things for others in your house who can do things themselves, how long it takes to prepare meals, etc. You’ll start to see where your biggest pockets of time are lost. Knowing where the problem lies is the first step to solving it.
What’s your biggest time drain? 

Three Reasons to Run When Nothing is Chasing You

When I tell people that I love running, there are two reactions I encounter the most.  Some people are impressed and commend me for being able to such run long distances.   However, the grand majority of people will mock the idea and say, “I would only run if I was being chased!”
Running is not easy – and I guarantee you, if you are being chased, your chances of not getting caught are much better if you are a runner.
Here are the reasons why I run, especially when I am not being chased:

  1. Running significantly improves my stress levels and my sense of well-being.  Because I have trained my body to run up to 13 miles, I truly believe there is nothing I can’t accomplish.  After all, many things in life seem easy in comparison to a 13 mile run.
  2. Running improves your mental focus. My life is complicated. But when I run, I am able to solve problems much more easily.  I have also come up with my most creative business plans when I am on a run.
  3. My level of physical fitness in my mid 40s sets a great example for my children. Although they don’t enjoy running, they are both physically fit and are extremely conscious of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I would rather be running and inspire them to be fit as opposed to inspiring  them to be potato chip munching couch potatoes.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you do for your mental and physical health.