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“If you don't dream big, audacious dreams, what's the point in dreaming at all?”

- Dr. Kalpana DePasquale

Dr. Kalpana Sundar DePasquale

Physician, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Adventurer

Kalpana is a Multi-passionate Entrepreneur.

As the founding physician at St. Augustine Ear, Nose & Throat, LLC a, she practices as a specialist and board certified physician in Otolaryngology and ear, nose and throat (ENT) medicine.

As the co-founder of Kalvera Skin Therapy (formerly Avanti Medical Spa), she empowers women to embrace non-comparitive beauty and to focus on skin health as the main driver of beauty, not society’s unrealistic expectations.

Kalvera offers Skin-Care-as-a-Service subscriptions for Skin therapy, including UltraFacials and physician-formulated skin care products that use medical grade clean ingredients and botanicals. Its mission is to educate consumers on harmful ingredients in facial products and to provide safe, effective alternatives that promote skin health.

Kalpana is passionate about helping women  and People of Color retake control of their lives, bodies, skin, and mental wellness. She shares her insights and perspectives on Living Unbound through speaking, television, writing, and through her “Kalventures.”

Dr K's Philosophy

Living Unbound

Living Unbound is the freedom to live your life the way you envision it.


Dr. Kalpana is a Board Certified Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgeon practicing in St. Augustine, Florida.


Kalpana is a serial entrepreneur, who started her own medical practice, medical spa, and skin care lines.

Author / Speaker

Kalpana speaks on the topics of health, skin care, beauty, self-help, and entrepreneurship.


Kalpana often goes on “Kalventures” learning new skills like racing, and traveling to new countries.