Three Ways Your Skin is Giving Away Your Age

Every day, I have patients visit my medical spa for Botox to erase wrinkles. They believe that only the wrinkles are causing them to look older. What they do not realize is that by erasing a wrinkle or two in lieu of addressing bigger problems – like the overall health of your skin – will still leave you looking older.
Too much makeup
First and foremost, youthful skin has a radiant glow that does not need to be slathered with makeup. The more makeup you use to hide your skin flaws, the older you look.
The good news is that the radiance can return with proper exfoliation and hydration.
Years of sun damage
Leathery/rough texture, a side effect of too much sun exposure, will also give away your age. In addition to the face, this can also appear on the neck, décolleté, and hands making it much harder to hide your age.
Those awful little spots
Last but not least, age spots (hyper-pigmentation) as the name suggests, is a sure way to show everyone how much you are aging. They are difficult to cover as they can appear all over your body, not just your face.
With proper exfoliation, skin care, and sun protection, you can prevent and improve the texture of your skin. Once you take care of your skin, erasing wrinkles with Botox will make a much bigger difference not only to your overall appearance but in your wallet.
Are you looking for skin care products that will improve the tone and texture of your skin and are free of chemicals? Check out my botanical line of skin care products, Avanti Rx.

Three Ingredients to Avoid in Your Facial Cleanser

You know you shouldn’t wash your face with soap and you absolutely need a good cleanser.  Then why is it so hard to know which facial cleanser to buy?  There are cleansers for different skin types including cleansers that foam, and so many different brands to choose from.
Most people utilize price, labels or brand names to make their decisions.  However, I suggest you read the ingredients before you decide which cleanser to buy.
When I was in my early 30s, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. As a doctor, my first instinct was to check the ingredients in the products I was using, including my beauty products. I was shocked to find the medical-grade products I used – and recommended to my patients – were full of chemicals and other harsh ingredients.
There are many chemicals you may decide to avoid, but these are my top three due to irritation that can occur in the short term.
Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS)
This ingredient is found in more than 90 percent of personal care and cleaning products that foam.  If present in a concentration of greater than one percent, SLS can cause severe irritation and even corrosion of the skin.  SLS mimics estrogen and there is concern that over time greater than one percent of this ingredient can be absorbed into the bloodstream and residual levels in your body can be higher.
Alcohol is often used as the base ingredient in many beauty products to thicken the product and penetrate more effectively, according to Paula’s Choice.  It breaks down the skin’s natural barriers and can dry and irritate the skin.  Avoid Isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol, and ethyl alcohol.
The word fragrance can represent hundreds of chemicals which can aggravate asthma, allergies, and headaches.  Many fragrances are created with Phtalates, a group of chemicals considered to be endocrine disruptors and are linked to reproductive problems.  It is safest to use products that use essential oils or fruit as the fragrance.
There are a number of other ingredients I would consider avoiding due to long term health concerns.  Many chemicals have not been proven to cause cancer, but there is notable literature to cause suspicion.
When I began my research into the skincare products available on the market that were both medical-grade and free of harsh chemicals, I was disappointed in the lack of options. This led me to create my own skincare line, Avanti Rx. Our products use gentle botanicals but deliver powerful results.
As you research your options for avoiding the three ingredients I outlined above, I’d love for you to consider my Clearly Luminous Cleanser.
It is time for us to be educated consumers and avoid ingredients in our skin care regimen that serve not purpose to improve our skin and cause irritation.
Send us photos of your product labels, and we’d be happy to point out any ingredients you might want to avoid. 

Three Reasons to Run When Nothing is Chasing You

When I tell people that I love running, there are two reactions I encounter the most.  Some people are impressed and commend me for being able to such run long distances.   However, the grand majority of people will mock the idea and say, “I would only run if I was being chased!”
Running is not easy – and I guarantee you, if you are being chased, your chances of not getting caught are much better if you are a runner.
Here are the reasons why I run, especially when I am not being chased:

  1. Running significantly improves my stress levels and my sense of well-being.  Because I have trained my body to run up to 13 miles, I truly believe there is nothing I can’t accomplish.  After all, many things in life seem easy in comparison to a 13 mile run.
  2. Running improves your mental focus. My life is complicated. But when I run, I am able to solve problems much more easily.  I have also come up with my most creative business plans when I am on a run.
  3. My level of physical fitness in my mid 40s sets a great example for my children. Although they don’t enjoy running, they are both physically fit and are extremely conscious of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I would rather be running and inspire them to be fit as opposed to inspiring  them to be potato chip munching couch potatoes.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you do for your mental and physical health.