Physician-developed organic and botanical skin care line launches online store

St. Augustine, Fla. – May 5, 2014 – Aesthetic and medical spa patients and clients nationwide are requesting more access to Dr. Kalpana DePasquale’s new line of products featuring cutting-edge formulations with botanicals and ingredients based on medical science. Dr. DePasquale is the founder of Avanti Medical Spa and recently answered the call from her practice to create an online store for the purchase of Avanti Rx. The customized, natural skin care treatments focus on specific aesthetic and medical concerns and match proprietary ingredients as key to the formulation of the important new line. Visit the website at
Botanicals and organic ingredients are in demand now more than ever as plants are some of the top antioxidant-generating machines available today. Avanti Rx incorporates natural products and heals skin from the inside out while renewing a youthful appearance,” said Dr. DePasquale. “This can be achieved with the right combination of organic and botanical ingredients, plus physician grade products. The gentle, yet greater potency formulations cannot be purchased over the counter,” she said.
Dr. DePasquale addresses some of the most common issues with men’s and women’s skin and has developed Avanti Rx to fix a variety of problems with intensive hydration, brightening of the complexion, and lightening dark circles under the eyes, and many more. “Anti aging methods combined with holistic health and quality skin care are some of the most important practices to achieve an exceptional quality of life,” she said. Dr. DePasquale has also introduced a tagline for the product, “Stay ahead of Aging” which represents her proactive approach of maintaining a youthful appearance with aesthetic services, treatments and Avanti Rx.
Avanti Rx incorporates the product line to support treatments and procedures at medical spas where facial aesthetics and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are available. The luxurious online skin care features anti-oxidants, vitamins, plant extracts and natural essences, designed to nourish and solve skin issues with customized treatment plans and special product collections. Product discounts and promotions are available online. For more information, call 904-461-6797. Visit the website and link to the Facebook page at
Dr. DePasquale is the founding physician at St. Augustine Ear, Nose & Throat, LLC and Avanti Medical Spa, LLC. She has been practicing as a specialist in ear, nose and throat (ENT) medicine since 2003 and is board certified in Otolaryngology. Dr. DePasquale is focused on the complexities of the head and neck anatomy, medicine and surgery for patients of all ages. At Avanti Medical Spa, Dr. DePasquale has in-depth knowledge of facial aesthetics and performs non-invasive cosmetic procedures with rejuvenating facial treatments, non-invasive skin tightening and skin resurfacing with additional services including Visia Skin Analysis, Thermage, Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Isolaz IPL, among others. She recently developed Avanti Rx, a physician-formulated proprietary skin care line for men and women that utilizes medical grade quality ingredients and botanicals.